Consulting & Offshore IT Outsourcing

Globalisation is increasing cost pressures and productivity demands on medium to large enterprise organisations. Multi-national corporations were the first to utilise cost differentials across the globe by moving production plants to low wage countries, Research & Development to countries with high subsidies for such activities, sales and marketing to countries with high demand, and headquarters to tax havens. In the IT arena, more and more organisations follow suite by outsourcing mainly non-mission critical software projects offshore.

Outsourcing often means internal reorganisation and restructure, rationalisation of processes and resources in order to achieve a number of strategic goals and benefits including cutting costs, more flexibility, handling bigger projects, eliminating part of the work to focus on business growth, and ultimately maximising profitability. A solid and feasible outsourcing strategy needs to be formulated and communicated effectively within the organisation to ensure smooth transition plan.

With excellent outsourcing facilities in Indonesia, Ellane IT Solutions offers expertise in consulting and IT outsourcing services to meet client demand for new and more flexible managed services in order to achieve business growth objectives of the client. Ranging from full lifecycle end-to-end:
  • Application Outsourcing,
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing,
  • Business Process Outsourcing, and
  • Other IT Services Outsourcing,
our quality outsourcing benchmarks are driven by rigorous methodologies, leading edge best practices and state-of-the-art technology to ensure value maximisation, service level and business continuity, minimal risks and cost efficiency.