IT Strategy & Solution Architecture

The need to align IT initiatives and strategy with business objectives is clear. The success of IT within organisations often gets reflected by whether their investment in IT works effectively for them, yielding profitable return where possible. Ellane IT Solutions' strategy and architecture services are designed to provide our clients with powerful and actionable insight into the state of their current IT systems design, functions and infrastructure - helping clients to identify opportunities for additional efficiency, maximum business value and growth, and create a roadmap of clearly defined steps to improvement.

With a proven track record, our IT Strategy & Solution Architecture team can provide clients with a clear practical vision that closely aligns Information Technology to business objectives. We offer specialised practice that provides strategic architecture direction, backed by our experience with client projects, broad expertise in business consulting, and a solid grounding in application development and enterprise application integration. The approach we apply draws upon many important key elements from data design architecture such as reusable components and architectures, design patterns, consistent and repeatable methods.

Our comprehensive IT strategy and architecture services help clients define an approach to investing in and implementing IT components that closely links to their business vision and objectives - thus providing a baseline for future growth, leverage for competitive advantage, appropriate governance controls and delivery of alignment across business and operational systems. To achieve those business objectives, we can provide advice on strategy to:
  • Baseline the current IT system architectures and business processes to determine the health and capability of supporting future business directions
  • Define a vision of the future state of IT architectures that will sufficiently support future business directions
  • Identify initiatives that need to be undertaken to set up the appropriate systems and processes to meet future business requirements
  • Develop an understanding of the cost to set up the appropriate systems and processes required to support future business requirements
  • Develop a model by which the business and IT can cohesively work in harmony to manage the priority of initiatives to be undertaken
Look no further than Ellane IT Solutions for the expertise, experience, best industry practices, tools and processes that are crucial when adopting IT Strategy and Architecture that is right for your business, and delivering solutions that are fundamentally aligned to your business vision.